Silakan Hubungi Kami Langsung / Feel Free To Contact Us

Contact Us for futher information at

Handi : +628 1166 8389 (Indonesia)

BB PIN : 25C7E105

Whatsapp : +627897282950

email :


6 thoughts on “Silakan Hubungi Kami Langsung / Feel Free To Contact Us

  1. selamat siang….saya zul dari K/Lumpur…
    mohon jasa untuk bertanyakan harga bagi sewa mobil van atau bus untuk menapung 12 – 15 orang…perjalanannya seperti berikut:-


    Upon arrival at Tabing Airport, Proceed to Bukit Tinggi via Anai Valley. After lunch, proceed to Pandai Sikek, a famous village for weaving and wood carving. Arrive Bukit Tinggi, check in hotel.


    Tour visiting spectacular Sianak Canyon and Japanese Tunnel. Poceed to Maninjau Lake via 44 hairpin curved road to enjoy a beautiful view to the Lake Maninjau. Visiting HAMKA’s house and drive back to Bukit Tinggi.


    Tour visiting Batu Sangkar, Tabek Patah. Then visit the ancient Minangkabau King’s Palace at Pagar Ruyung. Lunch at local restaurant with the specific ikan bakar. Proceed to Padang for city tour visiting China Town, Old Harbour, Siti Nurbaya Bridge & Padang Beach.

    Day 4 PADANG / KUL

    Transfer to airport for departure.

    harap dapat kerjasama dari pihak tuan

    terima kasih..

    • we have replied through ur email already…
      Please check it out…
      Contact us for futher information at +6012 3637 804 (Malaysia) or +628 1166 8389 ( Indonesia ) thank you

  2. Please give me price for Rentin a Toyota Invova for 15 Days for Earthquack Relief purpose in Padan & Pariaman area. The car should include a driver as well. We will pay for Fuel Bills.
    Looking forward to hear from you soon.
    Sincerely yours

  3. Hi Selamat Pagi

    Im Cairul from malaysia. From 17/3/2012 – 20/3/2012 i will visit padang & bukit Tinggi
    2 night at Bukit Tinggi & 1 night at padang.

    Hotel already booked.

    Just want the arrangement for transport and bring us to visit the place at padang & bukit tinggi.

    Expected arrived at Padang airport at 3.30pm local time.
    Depart to Kuala Lumpur on 20/3/2012.3.30 local time

    Appreciate if you could provide the quotation for the trip.


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